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What is the NLP Life Coaching?

NLP life coaching covers the following topics:

  • How to find business and life goals, achieve them through learning and appropriate response to feedback from the environment,
  • How to change unwanted and harmful behavior and replace it with desirable one with ecology and consitency,
  • How to solve the internal conflicts and avoid them in the future,
  • How to develop your senses to see, hear and feel more in order to improve the perception and better understand the reality,
  • How to build and maintain good rapport by matching the caller at their non-verbal (body), verbal (language spoken), and higher levels (values and beliefs),
  • How to create and develop your personal state of excellence, to expand your zone of comfort, and go beyond! Take new challenges and learn new things.
  • How to change the useless and restrictive styles of thinking and replace them with styles extending the possibilities
  • How to communicate clearly and effectively on the basis of knowledge about the process of communication and information from the senses,
  • How to discover what is important for yourself and the others, creating and maintaining long-term relationship context,
  • How to use metaphors and language of the right brain hemisphere to better communicate with people at an unconscious level,
  • How to develop behavioral flexibility and creativity, extending the range of possible responses to situations that previously seemed to be "one way",
  • How to create an appropriate framework and context to make effective changes
  • How to transform anxiety and lack of confidence into the faith and confidence, inner peace and joy of life.

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